I could climb the Everest twice with the same amount of courage it took me to write this letter!

So, no surprises at who I am! You obviously know. Or do you? I doubt you even know of my existence. And now that I think about it, I’ve never really had a two-way conversation with you (except in my dreams because there I am the stud girls flutter towards).

A brief introduction, I’m the guy who gets nervous every time you walk by. I’m the guy whose palms get sweaty in anxiety at seeing you. I’m the guy who smiles dreamily when you flip your hair in slow-motion (wait, I think that’s my dream again). Basically, I’m the guy who has a – I don’t want to say ‘crush’ because that single word does not define my love for you – mountain of feelings for you.

There is nothing – and I really mean nothing – that I don’t love about you.


I’m truly, honestly and completely in love with you and your every little detail that I’ve so creepily noticed. I love your toothy smile that you strategically try to cover with your hand every time you laugh. I love the way you almost always walk back towards a mirror (or anything that shows you your reflection), try to fix your hair, sigh, give up and continue walking. There is nothing – and I really mean nothing – that I don’t love about you. Oh no! There is something.

I hate how you’re dating that *takes a deep breath and tries not to abuse* guy. I hate how he cancels on you last minute and you end up sitting in the café all alone. I hate the way he looks at other girls even when you’re there right next to him. I hate him and I hate you for dating him (well, I don’t really hate you because I don’t think I can).

If only you would notice!


As I sit here in the background, I can’t help but think how much better I am for you. It’s not like I’m the perfect guy or anything but I just love you so much. I would treat you the way you deserve to be treated. I would shower you with everything that gives me even a slight opportunity to see your toothy smile. I would love you with my all. If only you would notice!

But I guess it’s my fault. I think I should be upfront about my feelings. Otherwise how will you ever know? Wow, even the thought of walking up to you and framing a sentence that’s not nfigefjkgguuhibjyge is making my palms sweat. But I shall do it someday. Not today. But someday!


Your Admirer!

Author: Zainab Haji

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