Do you have a death wish?

The urge for a drag is something I understand. I have seen my dad crave and give in to it for so many years. And now that he’s gone, I wonder if a smoke will help me get closer to him. Or to his memories, perhaps a little bit. Because that is how I remember him. He smelt of cigarettes cloaked with mint. I have seen him get restless over a delayed smoke. We have discussed the reason why he smokes- he couldn’t stop. My dad was a chain smoker who couldn’t quit his addiction despite trying multiple times.

So, cigarettes are not a complete mystery to me, dear chain smoker. They have been a part of my life since I was a child. I have been inhaling second-hand smoke since the day I was born (okay not literally since the day I was born, but even then for a very long time). But I have also seen cigarettes burn away a life and reduce it to ashes. What the government and all your numerous well-wishers tell you, that smoking cigarettes kills, it’s all true.

Smoking might not cause cancer but it can still kill you.


So many people through so many different mediums have told you this by now. You can’t even enjoy a movie without the usual warning of how smoking cigarettes causes cancer. All these concerned warnings that you never even asked for have overwhelmed you so much that you no longer pay any attention to them. Maybe you have even reached a place where you can make jokes about the ones who die of cancer in those advertisements. Maybe you feel a little guilty tug in your heart but you have become an expert at ignoring it. The thing is, you know the effect tobacco has on your body but you overlook it. It won’t happen to you, right?

But it just might. You might be the one who gets the short end of the bargain. You might be the one who dies prematurely. You might end up being a negative part of the statistics. All for what? A bad habit that you knew could lead to this? Is it worth it?

Is this anything less than suicide?

Why do you surround yourself with a substance that is toxic to your body?


You are strong enough to kick the toxic people out of your life. If someone treats you unkindly or abuses you in some way, they will be exposed to your scary side, won’t they? You refuse to allow anyone to tell you that you are not worthy of love or compassion. You make sure that you are surrounded with people who are not toxic to your soul. Then why do you surround yourself with a substance that is toxic to your body?

You repeatedly spend too much money on a packet of cigarettes which you then open and pick one out. You light it up and inhale the dark smoke. This smoke can destroy entire ecosystems. How is your body going to be immune to its effects? The tar will stick to your lungs and obstruct the air that gives you life. It can spread all over your body and poison every artery, every vein. It can make your body shut down permanently.

Doesn’t your body deserve better?

With love,
A concerned well-wisher.

Author: Maitreyee Mhatre