In all our years of friendship, here are some things that I want to say and get off my chest (yes, please get ready for endless bra-chest-related puns)!

So which one of you am I addressing in particular? Well, I don’t know! There are just so many options that I can’t really pick one and call it my favourite. Am I talking to all those hideous ‘training’ bras that mom bought when I was 12? I didn’t even know my boobs needed training! Or am I referring to that sexy black, lacy push-up that I’ve stored for ‘special’ *winks thrice in a failed attempt to be sexy* occasion? Am I talking to that one bra who retired and gave up a long time ago but I just can’t seem to part ways with it? Or the one that gives me comfort beyond expectations?

I simply cannot choose! You’ve all religiously supported me (pun intended) throughout and I can’t say if it’s the breast job ever (see what I did there? *smiles slyly*) but it works, right? We’ve all been through so much together, the memories make me nostalgic!

There were also times you betrayed me.


Now, I’m not going to lie. There have been moments where you and I wanted to go different ways. There were also times you betrayed me. Yes, I’m referring to the time you gave up on me in public and your underwire snapped. It pained so much, people thought I was actually tearing up because of that pathetic Bollywood flop we were watching.

There were times when I requested you to stay put for just one night when I wanted to wear that slightly backless dress but nooooo! The arrogant, attention-seeker that you are, you had to peek out! There were endless, ENDLESS times your straps kept falling out and I had to awkwardly adjust them. Other times, I wouldn’t mind but you could have at least behaved yourself when I was struggling to get out one comprehensible sentence in front of my crush.

But without you, we both know it would be a world full of awkward jiggles and bounces.


There have been times where I wanted to give up on you entirely. Well, with all the heat and the amount of your padding, you can’t really blame me! But without you, we both know it would be a world full of awkward jiggles and bounces. And let’s not forget the moments where I wanted to hold one of you in the store and cry because you were so pretty but so expensive. I swear at one point I even asked myself, “The human body can function fine with one kidney, right?”

But everything said and done, we’ve been through so much that my life seems almost incomplete without you. So even when you dig into my sides, make my boobs sweat so much they could drown, rise up and above my tatas that I have to do weird jiggles and shakes to get you back in place, I will never give up on this relationship. You will always be close to my heart (last one, I swear!).


Your supporter!

Author: Zainab Haji

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