But hear me out before you judge, for you’re the Reebok to his Reebook!

Okay, I know how this must sound, but remembering your face fall as you happened to glance at one of his old pictures for the first time, I decided that it was time for a little confession.

So what if his complexion resembles yours? So what if his features could easily blend with yours? I love you. Not him. You are my present. And the future I always dream about. While him? He’s the unforgettable middle page of a diary, which holds no importance except for the lessons it taught me.

I see my lucky stars in your eyes and thank them because you are nothing like him.


Yes, I do admit that the uncanny resemblances drew me to you at first, but it was the starkly beautiful differences which made me stay. The fact is (and will always remain) that it is your face I search for, when lost in a crowd. It is your smile that makes me act like a thirteen year old. And it’s your eyes that I can lose myself in, over and over again. So I’m not at all sorry that it was the facial similarity which got our paths to cross.

However, I am sorry that I never mentioned it to you, sorry about the terrible things that must have gone through your head when you became aware of this little fact. For I know of your insecurities my love, and I don’t, even for a second intend on letting them get the best of you. Of us.

You put on a brave face, and I admire you for it to the moon and back! But let me just take this moment to express emotions my actions maybe couldn’t. I want you to know that when I look at you, I see that goofy personality I fell head over heels for; not the ghost of my past. When I pull your cheeks no matter how much you hate it! I see my lucky stars in your eyes and thank them because you are nothing like him.

Thanks to you I now know what people mean when they say, “It’s not all about the looks!” Well, it is in fact about the looks in the real world. But not everything is about them. Otherwise, I would still be running in the opposite direction at the mere sight of you! But I don’t right? That has to account for something. It means that the painfully slow formation of cracks in my heart, on seeing my Ex has been overridden by the butterflies erupting in my stomach as the side of your eyes crinkle when you smile.

I wish we can put this past us and start living today, stronger than ever.

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This is a sincere effort at stabilising the disturbed balance of our relationship, dear Boyfriend. For I no longer wish to see you roll your eyes if you come across his picture (or worse, him!) another time. And even if you can’t help the negative emotions fleeting across your mind, just know that I’ll hug you tight and smile that special smile which is reserved especially for you! I know that you’ll understand. I wish we can put this past us and start living today, stronger than ever.

To top off the cheesy quota, I’d like to end this with my deepest, most hidden and definitely rare compliments towards you, my love. You are everything I never wished for, what I cherish but don’t deserve and the kind of incomparable dessert no other treats could ever replace!

Lots of love and no more secrets,

Your Girlfriend.

Author: Alisha Jamshed Syed





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