I know every guy has a certain ‘girlfriend image’ in mind and I couldn’t be any different than it!

It’s been almost a year since you asked me to be your girlfriend and I’m surprised that this relationship hasn’t gone down in flames like my past others. Instead, my love for you has gotten stronger with every passing day. Although, I’m sure you agree, our relationship hasn’t just been all candy floss, rainbows and unicorns.

The course of our relationship has taught me that certain people can make you feel so loved and make you want to tug your hair off in frustration at the same time. Because no matter how hard you try, one cannot be perfect and the same goes for a relationship. Imagine how boring life would be if I would say sweet things in your ear all the time!

I get easily jealous and annoyed at even the slightest mention of another girl.


The other thing I cannot help but agree with is that I am not the perfect girlfriend. I know how your ideal girlfriend should have been like. Somebody who is always loving! She has perfectly straight hair all. the. time. Your t-shirts fit her the perfect ‘boyfriend t-shirt’ way, long enough to be worn as a dress and loose enough to look all cute. She can cook, paint, work and still have enough time to spend with you every day. She looks beautiful even early morning when she has just gotten out of bed.

And I cannot help but realise that I am starkly different from this description. I get easily jealous and annoyed at even the slightest mention of another girl. I am possessive of your every little thing. My hair is the weird wavy kind and no matter how much I try, the baby hair will always stand out. Your t-shirts are one-size-too-tight for me and early mornings are when I look my absolute worst. Drool, eye-goop and all!

I will push you away when you lean in to kiss me in public.


So, in the truest sense, I am not the perfect girlfriend but I can tell you this. I have and always will love you with my all. I might not look pretty enough in the morning but the smile on my face seeing you next to me, will compensate. I might not fit into your t-shirts but I’ll wear them nevertheless because they smell like you. I will fall asleep in your lap at the weirdest times (probably when you’re driving) because no pillow has given me better sleep. I will nag you until you give your best at something. I will push you away when you lean in to kiss me in public. I might not meet you for days at a stretch but call you every second when you’re out of town. And that’s just my way of saying, I love you!

Basically, I’m not perfect. But neither are you! And yet, I love you for who you are and you will have to bear with me in spite of my flaws. Because darling, these flaws make me who I am and I am the person you first fell in love with!



Your Imperfect Girlfriend.

Author: Zainab Haji




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