You know I love you more than I’d ever like to accept but this is a fact you will have to digest!

So it’s been quite a few months since we started dating. To be honest, I can hardly believe I could last so long with another human being without wanting to stab them to death (not that there weren’t times where I really did want to stab you to death). You get the point, right?

In these few months, I’ve lived some of my best moments – ref. waking up to your stupid face and silly grin at seeing me awake, watching you attempt (and fail) to cook, spending all those moments of public displays of affection like a couple of teenagers and everything in between. So I would be lying if I said I didn’t believe in the phrase ‘crazy in love’!

I’ve cancelled a few of our plans to hang out with my girl gang.


But there’s a confession I want to make. You probably don’t know of this (or maybe you do. I’m not a very good liar after all) but dear boyfriend, I have ditched our dates for my girlfriends and I’m not sorry. Do you remember I told you I had to go out for dinner with my parents for their anniversary last month? I gave you this excuse at least once in two months. And you never caught up! For somebody who claims to be intelligent, you’re not so bright…I love you, please don’t break up with me!

Basically, I’ve cancelled a few of our plans to hang out with my girl gang. But that’s not because I don’t love you enough or I don’t like being with you. The fact is that even though you think we don’t spend enough time together, I spend more time with you than I have COLLECTIVELY spent with them.

Which is why, I’m writing this to you today!


But everything said and done, I do realise that there is no need for me to give silly excuses and cancel on our dates. For I know, you will always understand that I need my space and more than anything, I need my girlfriends. Which is why I’m writing this to you today!

So, take this as a confession, an apology or a promise, I hope next time, I have it in me to tell you the truth and that you kindly, understand!


Your girlfriend!

Author: Zainab Haji

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