I loved you with everything I had but I only got betrayal in return.

We started out as two kids who were so in love. We made all these promises about how we would make sure we last. Despite being aware of the obstacles our families would place in our way, we were positive that at the end, our love would prevail. That no matter what happened, we would stay by each other’s side and overcome all difficulties together as a team. We were a great team, weren’t we?

It was all going so well. We had somehow managed to survive the trials of time and life. Both of us had great careers going on for us and yet we loved each other more than ever. Or so I thought. When the time came to actually breach the topic of our long-awaited forever, our parents did just what we had imagined they would. My parents refused to believe that you were worthy of their beloved daughter while your parents refused to accept me based on my religion and caste. I was not even aware that this stuff happens in today’s time and age.

After numerous excruciating attempts, I managed to convince my parents to accept you. They took my word and tried to welcome you into our family with a lot of warmth and affection. This was exactly when you so kindly informed me that you could not overlook your parents’ wishes and then you left me high and dry.

Was standing up to your parents that difficult?


There need not be a third person involved for a betrayal to occur. After spending so many years building this understanding and trust, you chose to abandon me when in reality it was time for you to stand by my side. Was standing up to your parents that difficult? I stood up to mine. Why couldn’t you? They are your parents at the end of the day. All they want is for you to live happily. You only had to convince them that your happiness was with me. Your parents would have accepted me eventually.

Was our love that fickle? One little problem and we fell apart. But no, I refuse to believe that I did not love you enough. I will not insult the wonderful times we shared by doubting our sincerity or our love. I just wish you would have stayed true to your word. A little more determination would have helped us convince your parents and we would have been together by now. I thought you were stronger than this. I cannot express how disappointed I am in you.

 I hope you grow a spine in the future.


Well, it’s over now. We have parted ways although not so amicably. Nevertheless I am not vicious enough to wish you ill. I hope you remain happy with the choice you made but I also hope that you grow a spine in the near future. Without one, how will you ever get anything done? Life can be so cruel at times (like now for me) but you need to build the strength to be able to hold on. And you are a grown man now. It’s about time you move out of your mom’s shadow.

As for us, I think it is best we move on from each other. I am not someone who can live according to your parents’ outdated principles. Moreover, I can say with conviction that I am worth fighting for and I deserve to be treated as a human being and not a caste or a religion.


Your ex-girlfriend.

Author: Maitreyee Mhatre

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