They call them ‘horrible bosses’, but I beg to differ!

Over the course of time that I’ve worked with you, there are so many things I have wanted to say on so many occasions and there are some things that I’ve thought-well, they weren’t the nicest. But one thing remains constant and that is how I admire your leadership and your vast expanse of knowledge.

  • You help me grow and learn

You always suggest ways in which I can improve my work. You give me opportunities to test my limits and capabilities. You criticize me but in a way, you push me to do my best.

  • You support me

I have always felt your support. Be it just listening to the idea I have or helping me out in times of conflict.


  • You inspire me

You inspire me to do my best and to give my all. Seeing you manage so many things at once and effortlessly give your best, I have nothing but pride for you.

  • You connect with me

You give me your full attention when we meet and you consider me worthy enough of sharing your experiences.

It’s been a wonderful journey with you where we’ve grown, learnt and lived a different phase of life together. Although, I would blame my three-time-cancelled Goa trip on you.



Your employee.



Author: Zainab Haji



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