It’s true what they say; betrayal never comes from enemies!

And sadly, now I can account for it.

I’ve been thinking about everything that happened. It would be a huge lie if I said that I wasn’t hurt with all that you did.

You were my best friend and I always thought we would grow old together. We did everything together. Do you remember hanging out before classes? You would do my hair, because I’ve always been terrible at it. At times, people thought we were crazy but we used code words to talk about them in front of them.

You always said all this meant a lot to you but your actions suggested otherwise!

It’s funny how two best friends can become complete strangers!


We were inseparable. You were the sister I never had. I remember how our friendship was what everyone else wished they had. Our friendship wasn’t perfect but we were each other’s back bone. We were poles apart maybe that’s why we attracted. We built each other up. I taught you to be tougher after your first break up and you taught me to be more outgoing.

When I accidentally bumped into my ex-lover near the college gate, you held my hand and promised me to be there, to keep me on my toes so that I wouldn’t fall for his charming smile again. Little did I know that being there for me also meant being there for him. You met him for the first time and instantly saw something in him that intrigued you. I tried ignoring the fact that from there on you two were becoming close to each other.

My world fell apart.




It’s funny how two best friends can become complete strangers. Our endless conversations shifted to sharing pointless shared messages. At some point, I felt so isolated that it hurt. I realized that I could no longer be friends with you when I saw you making out with the love of my life. Later then, he admitted that he fell in love with you and that you wanted to be with him. My world fell apart. But, thank you for breaking my heart, because I learnt how to be alone and pull myself back from the lowest of lows!

I told you about my darkest secrets. I also disclosed all my fears and how grateful I was to have a friend like you. But this time, you let me down by showing me your true colors.

Your apology via text was laughable. You wanted me to forget everything and be your best friend again. Two weeks later, I still couldn’t get those texts out of my head. It’s hard to ignore something that cuts so deep. But now, I know not to trust people blindly the way I trusted you.

Thank you for the memories and most of all, stabbing me in the back. Now, I exactly know what not to do in friendship!


Your ex-best friend!

Author: Simran Brijwani


  1. Wow..amazing. I could feel the pain of being betrayed.I had to remind myself that its a frictional character’s pain.😃 U can imagine how good ur stories are.

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