When did our relationship change from absolutely hating each other to not being able to live without one another?

Do you remember how we couldn’t stand each other when we were kids? You were my and I was your worst enemy and we didn’t even know one another. And do you remember why we hated the other so much? Because both of us had a resting b**ch face and would often look at each other and say, “God! Look at her breathing there like she owns the place.” That was literally the beginning of our friendship. The initial sign of how alike we were!

Until we finally spoke one fine day (because our parents made us). And that’s it! That was the beginning to an endless journey. We knew that from that day onwards, we weren’t going to let each other go!

It’s been so many years since that day, I can barely count. But when I think of them in a flash, it’s a series of images of us laughing so hard our stomachs hurt. But it wasn’t all that! It’s not like we didn’t speak about important things. You were the one who encouraged me to ask out my crush. And your reasoning was that even you had liked him once upon a time. And that was validation enough! You were the one who told me about problems of being in a relationship. 12 year old me had looked at you in awe. You had seemed so wise back then. Only now, I know otherwise!

And just like that, we grew up (not really though).


We have had moments where we spoke about concepts so intense, even the best science-fiction writers would commend! And remember that time we would speak in sign language so that we could talk about someone without them knowing? There were times where we were crying one second and laughing like a pair of hyenas the next. And just like that, we grew up (not really though).

Adulthood is here, no matter how much we avoid it. And you know how I know it is here? The fact that we don’t meet every day makes it apparent. The fact that we meet once in ages after hundreds of plans go down the drain because one of us is always ‘busy’. The fact that even though now our parents will have no problem with us staying over at the other’s place, we barely do it! The fact that I’m writing this letter to wish you a Happy Friendship Day instead of tying you a band that says ‘best friends forever’. Between our laughs and our silly moments, we grew up!

We simply looked at each other and knew what the other was thinking.


So, today, I want you to take the time and think of every silly and embarrassing moment we have had and laugh over them like no one’s watching. I want you to remember all the times we had each other’s back in every argument and not caring whether the other was right or wrong. I want you to reminisce (aren’t you surprised I know such a big word? Yeah, sometimes I use big words to sound more photosynthesis!) about all the times we simply looked at each other and knew what the other was thinking.

I just want you to remember that we may not meet every day or even every other day. Hell, we may go weeks without even seeing the other’s face. But when we do, it will be just like the old times where we would go to the mall like grownups and end up playing hide and seek.

Happy Friendship Day!


Your bestie!

Author: Zainab Haji

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