What about all the pinky promises we made of never drifting apart?

Hey! How have you been? It seems slightly weird to be asking this question to someone who knew even when I ate and when I burped. And it seems even weirder to be talking to you like this after all these years. But you see, with all these posts on social media about friendship and best friends, I just couldn’t help but think about what we used to have!

Hardly did we know even ‘forever’ had an expiry date!


Do you even remember how we became friends? It was that day in class when both of us looked at each other laughing and we just clicked (also because we were the only two laughing in a dead-serious classroom). From that moment on, we just knew that we were going to be best friends forever. But hardly did we know even ‘forever’ had an expiry date!

We went from speaking for hours every day, to once a day, to once a week and then never! How come? What happened? I know you’re not the only one to blame. I became too involved in my own life and like you claim, I made ‘new friends’. But your ego didn’t let you bridge that gap either. So, rightly said, it takes two to tango…I mean it takes two to break a friendship (see without you I can hardly keep focus).

But it doesn’t have to be so bad.


So we drifted apart and I understand now what they said about growing up, “It sucks”! But it doesn’t have to be so bad. When we didn’t let any human come in between our friendship, why are we letting the abstract concept of ‘time’?

Regardless of whether we get back together or not, there’s one thing I would like you to know, all those years ago, when I said I loved you, I really did mean it!


The best friend you lost!

Author: Zainab Haji


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