I hate it when your regular lectures begin in the afternoon and mine end even before you wake up!

You know how we’ve been friends since forever. Forget breaking, nothing could even touch the bond of friendship. It had grown until the point where I called your mom, Ma and had heard every single one of your grandpa’s stories. All in all, we were best friends. But that’s just it, right? We ‘were’!

Do you even remember the last time you called me at a random hour with no real motive and we ended up speaking to each other for hours straight? We used to do that a lot before! What happened? To be honest, I know!

Is this what they call growing up?


I remember your mom telling me stories of your childhood. You always loved to build things. It could be anything – books, clothes, pieces of Lego – and you would stack it on top of one another and call it a building. I guess you always knew what career option you had to choose.

Me, on the other hand, I’ve always loved to spend time with my diaries and journals. Language had always been my forte. So, here we are! Out of all things (ref. boys, drama, and our preferences of olives on a pizza) I could have never imagined ‘career options’ would be our breaking point. Is this what they call growing up?

The difference couldn’t have been more apparent then.


The fault in our career choices (no puns there) is the reason we’ve strayed so far apart. Remember the other day when I called you and excitedly spoke about that particular figure of speech I thought I invented (which I totally did, by the way)? I had rambled on for a solid half an hour and then when I stopped to take a breather, you gently asked me what a figure of speech was! The difference couldn’t have been more apparent then.

So like an iceberg could be the reason for the sinking of the Titanic, ‘career differences’ was the reason for our wreck (Such similes. Much wow.)! And even though I am truly supportive of what we’re each doing, it would be so much better to have had the same class, the same professors, the same degrees, and the same careers!


Your best friend!

Author: Zainab Haji


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