A warm hug from you can turn my day around.

Whenever I am struck with crippling anxiety or whenever the blues take over my mood, I simply make a list of all my favourite things just like the one Maria from ‘Sound of Music’ sang about. And my very favourite thing to do when I feel sad is to play the movie, grab a family pack of chocolate ice cream and cuddle up by your side. Your hugs and cuddles are nothing short of magical for me.

And somehow, you always seem to know when the world has been brutal to me and all I need is a bear hug. You are the one who gives me a hug tight enough to squeeze the stress right out of me. Do you have the superpower to read my mind or something? Or maybe it’s just our unbreakable and unique bond? Whatever it is, I cannot thank you enough for it.

I know, I know. I’m not supposed to thank you because we’re best friends and best friends don’t need to thank each other. I do get mad at you whenever you thank me. But, sweetheart, I am so very grateful for you being a part of my life.

You are the cheese to my macaroni.

best friends 5

It’s so strange that we haven’t known each other for all that long but we just get along so well. I mean, the first day we met, we travelled home together and I talked your ear off throughout the way. I am usually not that talkative, you know. There was just something about your presence that immediately put my anxiety to ease and something about mine that kept your shyness at bay. We just fit together, you know?

Three years later have only made us grow closer and these three years were filled with some of the most amazing moments I’ve ever experienced. All those long walks spent discussing books and all those second lunches at Irani cafés are really special to me. I know I sound like someone so in love with you. And I most definitely love you. You are the cheese to macaroni. You are the Meredith Grey to my Cristina Yang. You are my person.

And you most definitely love me. I mean, there’s a reason why half of our class thought that we were dating (and the reason was probably that we spent most lectures cuddling together on a bench in the corner with my head resting on your shoulder). A lot of our classmates even shipped us so hard.

You and I are a forever thing, just like soul mates.

best friends 4

The best part about us is that unlike many other friendships from the teenage years, I trust ours to last. You and I are a forever thing, just like soul mates. It’s not a mere coincidence that we have the same favourite author and the same food cravings every time. But it is not our mutual love for books that makes us such an amazing duo. Rather, it is our love for each other that makes us awesome.

I am so very grateful that you were the girl I talked into being my friend on the first day of college. Every single hug of yours, every single reassurance and every single horrible joke means the world to me.

Through every break-up, every heartbreak and every other stressful moment of your life, I promise to be by your side with my arms stretched wide open for a hug. Mate, you’re stuck with me for life.


Your best friend forever!

Author: Maitreyee Mhatre


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