It’s funny how I am writing this at 3 am too!

Why is it that I’m writing a letter to time itself? I could’ve written the same for a friend, too. But I don’t think anyone knows that side of me like the darkness of the night does. It’s not like I don’t have friends. I like to call certain others my ‘best friends’ but no matter how much I respect them, even they don’t know those sides to me!

You must now be wondering what it is that I do in the confines of nightfall. I sure sound creepy as hell! But I’ll tell you about all of those sides today!

It’s like I’m a whole other person when the clock strikes 3. My conversation with somebody could be, “I love unicorns and rainbows” at 2.59 and bam! “What is that one desire of yours that you would never want any human to know,” at 3 am. I’m just funny like that!

There have been nights when I simply laid in bed. Not thinking, not sleeping, not dreaming. Just lying in bed and watching the ceiling of my room. Did you know how much more fascinating fans are at that hour?

I have been through nights where I get really hungry.


There are times when I’m bored to death and sleep is the last thing on my mind. So out comes my laptop and I binge watch episodes of series I have watched a million times or I will spend hours on YouTube watching cats fall off things or dogs fall off things, kids opening boxes of toys or humans fall off things. HOURS!

I’m not going to lie, I have been through nights where I get really hungry. It’s not like I didn’t have that last chapatti after mom’s nagging at dinner. But this hour of the night, brings out weird cravings in me. I suddenly want to eat. Anything! So, I try to microwave something easy. Obviously, I drop a hundred utensils and wake the entire building up. I swear the microwave’s noise goes up by a 100 decibels at night when your mom’s sleeping in the next room.

There have been nights where I go for a shower. Not because I like being clean at such times but because I like to be dramatic. I go into the shower and dramatically lift a bucket of water over my head and pour water on myself. Now, there I am, standing, as the water from the shower soaks me and what do I do, I suddenly think about everything that has gone wrong in my life. Even that time when the girl in pre-school stole my favourite pencil. And dramatic hot tears flow down my face along with the cool water. And as soon as I’m all done, I turn into a rockstar who uses shampoo bottles as a mic, an award, and various other things!

I want to swim in the ocean.


And how can I forget about the nights I’m crazy. Like CRAZY! Like beep-beep-beep-of-warning-bell crazy! I want to do things. I want to go down to a bar and hook up with a stranger. I want to climb mountains.  I want to go out and ride a bike. I want to swim in the ocean. And then I end up eating chips in bed. But that’s pretty crazy too because mom hates it when I eat in bed. So…

All in all, the nights are the best part of my day *laughs at stupid joke* and I wouldn’t want to trade these with any kinds of memories. They are part of me and they are who I am. Because all of these crazy sides are what make me who I am and are the sides that only 3 am knows. So, you have to shush!


A Nocturnal Human (who am I kidding? Everyone knows I googled the word.)

Author: Zainab Haji