I recently broke up with 2016. We had a good one-year run but I wanted something more.
And so here we are today!

2016 had given me moments of happiness but had also disappointed me in ways more than one. And so the least I hope from you is to end my relationship with you on good terms.

So as per tradition, I have to make a few New Year’s resolutions that I will eventually break. But here they are anyway. I resolve to go to the gym regularly (*cough* never *cough*). I resolve to cut down on carbs, caffeine and sugar. I resolve to drink more water and green tea. Actually you know what, let me cut this crap since I know I’m not going to live by even one of these. Let me make some real resolutions.


I promise to roam more. And by roam I don’t necessarily mean to travel the world. I could maybe find a beautifully quiet street that I haven’t walked before and take a stroll. I could find a new store and splurge a little. I promise to live healthy. Not by eating healthy because we all know that’s not going to happen. But by forgiving those who have done wrong to me or even trying to understand why they must have done it. By not holding grudges against anyone, by finding happiness in little things and by treating myself the way I deserve to be treated. I promise to find the one person who loves me the most: me!

So dear 2017, I want to live this year for me and that is why I want one thing from you and that is to not throw any lemons at me because frankly, I’m fed up of trying to make lemonade.

A hopeful person.

Author: Zainab Haji