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Growing up as children, the concept of an Almighty is rigorously embedded in our brains. Here’s what children or even teenagers growing up have been told.

“If you don’t pray namaaz, you won’t go to heaven.”

“If you don’t fast on certain days of the week, you won’t land up with a good husband.

God will not be pleased if you don’t cover up your body.” (For girls)

“If you don’t go to church on Sundays, the Almighty will be very unhappy with you.”

Before we go ahead with whatever it is that I have to say, I apologize to you in advance if I’m about to hurt your religious sentiments or feelings. But I will not apologize for my perspective and points of view.

As I’m tolerant towards those who believe in God, I’d expect you to extend the same courtesy to someone like me, who’s a sceptic. Confused, much? Let me break it down to you.

The only reason a person would follow something blindly, is if they fear it or if the society demands it.

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In my opinion, the only reason a person would follow something religiously is when they fear it, or when they don’t want to question it, in fear of being shunned or shamed by the society. Because of course, we’d rather die in a war of being religiously superior, than be looked down upon by strangers from the society for not doing something by the book.

I would also like to thank you, the proprietor of religions for dividing us based on the different Gods we believe in, because obviously being divided by continents clearly wasn’t enough.

It’s sad to think that kids today, without having an understanding about the concept of God, are told to do things blindly, shaping them into becoming who they are today – ignorant and completely self-righteous. I mean come on, I have friends who wouldn’t eat at each other’s houses because of a particular food that is cooked in their homes which is looked down upon in one of their religions. It’s actually quite sad to think that what you eat matters and not how you are as a human being.

Three slow claps for irony, please!

Is religion really about the amount of milk that is offered to God? Or is it about starving yourself for a whole month to please Him? Or is it about worshipping statues? Or is it reading old books, misinterpreting or reinterpreting their meanings to fit your convenience? Why have you narrowed it down to that?

Yes we are religious, but in the bargain, humanity is completely lost.


Aren’t you tired of piggy back riding under the pretext of religion for your own whims and fancies? You say religion is meant for tranquillity and for inculcating tolerance among us. Then why is it that we are at each other’s throats, fighting a war, just because both the sides think that their faith is superior? Isn’t religion supposed to promote brotherhood and oneness among us all? Do you have an answer?

Yes, we are religious by the textbook, or the said Holy book in this case but in the bargain, humanity has become a complete lost cause.

The Babas, Maulanas, Priests, Pandits, Pujaris, Saadhvis, Rabanim and all the other religious representatives have only misled people and misinterpreted the religious scriptures so that they can pike us against each other.

All I want to say is that, even the Oxford Dictionary has over a thousand words added to it each year, so why has something as important as religious scriptures not adapted to the 21st Century? Change is the law of nature, but when it comes to religion, we’re all stuck in medieval times.

From all that I’ve learned growing up about religion, I’ve unlearned it all in the past couple of years. But if there’s one thing that holds true to its meaning is doing good to people and having good done to you in return.

Always remember, if not God, the Universe and its representative karma is always watching you.

Yours religiously unfaithful,
A sceptic by belief and choice.

Author: Amani Nagda



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