I have only one word to say to you: Why?

It’s that time of the month when blood flows out of my vagina. It’s time for Satan’s red waterfall of endless pain and misery. Four days of mood swings, food cravings and unbearable pain have arrived at my doorstep yet again. Why, periods, why? You could have been painless and barely noticeable. But instead, you tend to be four days of absolute torture and I can say without even a tiny bit of doubt that I hate you. I dread every minute spent in your company.

I still remember the day when I got you for the very first time. My mom said that I had become a woman now. Everyone around me (well, only the women because men can’t know about periods apparently) treated your appearance in my life as a celebration of my entry into womanhood. So I did, too. Little did I know that I would eventually come to despise you so. Now I don’t see that day as a reason for celebration at all. It was the start of my menstruation cycle aka an unwanted subscription to a monthly torture session.

I find it very unfair that only women have to suffer through you while men hardly even know a word about periods.

periods 4

Can I ask you something? Why are you a women-only thing? Sure, because of you we get the ability to bear children but still, why? I find it very unfair that only women have to suffer through you while men hardly even know a word about periods. It does take two to tango. Both a man and a woman are involved in the process behind making a baby then why don’t they share the burden of facing you month after month?

Also, as if the period pain wasn’t enough, most women I know get rashes on butts from wearing sanitary napkins for four days straight. Have you ever worn a sanitary pad? They can’t exactly be described as the heights of comfort, can they? And, if that wasn’t enough, the society adds on a bunch of unnecessary rules when you decide to make an appearance. Don’t pray. Don’t eat pickles. Don’t touch anything holy or religious. Please refrain from being a part of festivals.

Most of these rules don’t even make sense. It’s just plain stupid to call a universal body process ‘impure’. Does any of this even make sense to you?

Could you please turn it down a notch?

periods 2

Periods are a sign of a healthy woman. Menstruation gives women the gift of motherhood. The funny thing is I don’t even want to become a mother eventually. What is the point of you in my life then? Just cramps and a random craving for pizza? What is up with all the food cravings, dude? Last month, I cried for two days continuously because I wanted chicken tandoori. You take away my sanity for a few days every month. Could you please turn it down a notch?

I realise that you are here to stay and neither one of us can do anything about your presence. But if you could reduce the pain and the insanity, it would make my life a lot easier. I would no longer call you the red curse. My vagina and uterus would no longer be yelled at. And just maybe I could go about my day as usual. Yeah, I will definitely miss the pizza and the chicken tandoori but I won’t miss the tears that come before the food.

I won’t turn into an irritable, hungry monster for four days every month.

I beg you to make your presence less obvious and more tolerable. After all, I am not afraid of a little blood. I just mind everything else that comes along with that blood.

With unresolved anger and a sincere request,

Someone who is definitely not your fan.

Author: Maitreyee Mhatre


  1. Lovely….. We can’t change things so easily, but the words could do that.
    I have never felt bad or pain about my periods, yet then I have seen my pals suffer by my side. I use to comfort them as I could.
    The only rule, people say men are the strong one, the king, the head of a family.. Etc, but it is note that lioness is the powerful One than a lion. In every animal kingdom female verse are the one that rule…. So then we also can do….. We girls are not born to be ruled, we are born to rule.

  2. Women are the strongest creature in the world. They only have the strength to bear the pain of periods and feeding a baby inside the uterus and giving birth. That’s sad to know that even after going through all these women has to listen all the bad things for society…. RIP to the poor narrow mentality of the society……

    A girl

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