“Keep an open mind for letters that intend to inspire, intrigue & impact you”

Paperless Postcards is a hub for the millennial audience that provides food for thought and pedigree to the mind. Paperless Postcards consists of various verticals that trigger the deepest emotions in an individual. One such vertical is the Open Letter section.
An open letter is either intended for an individual and read by a mass audience or intended for a large audience. Paperless Postcards aims to target open letters that inspire, motivate and inculcate aspirations in those who wish to read them. Writing letters that change the reader’s perspective is one of the ultimate aims of Paperless Postcards.
These open letters amuse, inspire, motivate, influence and move the readers.
The open letters published on Paperless Postcards talk about various subjects, categories and issues. They serve as a platform for sensitive topics that the nation and the world as a whole are talking about.
These open letters touch varying degrees of sensitivity and yet talk about what the individual wants to hear. From letters to the President of the United States of America to letters to your Elder Sister, the open letters at Paperless Postcards serve various genres and topics of interest.
Motivating those who need motivation, inspiring those who need inspiration, inculcating aspiration in those who need to fill a hollow in their lives or just relatable humor, Paperless Postcards caters to all kinds of open letters and all kinds of individuals in one way or another.
In our opinion, open letters that inspire, intrigue and impact the reader are the best kind and that is why all our letters are written to serve the purpose. So much so that they are our ultimate selling point and they are the most relatable articles online.
Countless emotions put across in simple yet mindfully threaded words. So many emotions packed into an open letter of barely a few words!
About Paperless Postcards
Paperless Postcards is a platform for simple, powerful yet thought-provoking non-fiction conversations. These conversations are simple, concise and hit the reader in the heart. The conversations are based on real life day-to-day talk and are therefore extremely relatable. Not only are the conversations well-written but the design work is also particularly unique. All of these aspects make Paperless Postcards stand out from the crowd and cut through the clutter.
Paperless Postcards is the country’s first platform for such conversations and has taken the internet by storm. With a reach of over 2 million, Paperless Postcards aspires to make a mark on the lives of those who seek to change their perspective.
With this aspiration in mind, Paperless Postcards – The Website has come up with various verticals that target different emotions and varied genres. One such vertical is the column Narrations.