A kind of panic and fear gripped her as she stepped inside her house.

He had said he would attempt it soon. He had always thought of methods but could never really bring himself to do it.

In those uncertain moments, she hadn’t worried. She didn’t think he would have tried it. She had always thought he was too scared to actually do it.

But today, she was anxious. What if he had finally done it?

She stepped inside and immediately knew.

All tiredness from work was forgotten as she hurried inside, almost ran.

She walked inside and then finally…

There he was with a vague expression on his face. She walked over to him and gently stroked his back. He looked up.

He – I failed and I failed miserably.

She sat down beside him and smiled.

She – You only fail if you quit.

And the soothing encouragement in her voice gave him newfound hope. He smiled halfheartedly and got up again.

He discarded the old burnt one and brought out another pan. With a feeling that he would finally succeed, he broke another egg on the pan and wished with all his heart that the bright yellow yolk wouldn’t spread this time.

Author: Zainab Haji

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