Whilst waiting for her in the coffee shop, he must’ve had a hundred coffees.

Nervousness does that to a man. Nothing unusual!

She walked in through the door a while later. Or was it hours? He couldn’t tell.

He stood up to shake her hand. She smiled kindly at him but made sure not to give away that she had noticed the wrinkled, stained shirt, messed up hair and the strong smell coming from him.

He was in a state!

She – Hello!

He – How are you? I’m fine. Would you like some coffee? I’ll get it.

He stood up and tipped the various empty mugs of coffee over and started apologizing regretfully.

She – It’s fine. I don’t want anything. Let’s just talk, okay?

He looked at her with a blank expression and sat down a while later.

She – How are things going?

He – Things? Things are fine!

She – Are you sure?

He merely looked out of the window, staring at a few kids playing across the road.

She – Okay tell me something…

He nodded ever so slightly.

She – What is happiness to you?

His eyes looked glazed as if he tried searching hard for the answer.

When suddenly –

He – Stealing coffee sips from her mug while she is lost in her novels!

Abruptly, he stood up and laughed.

He – What was I thinking? I love her!

And he almost ran out of the coffee shop, still laughing.

Who knew only a simple question and a reminder was all it took to fix a broken marriage.

She smiled and shook her head.

Author: Zainab Haji


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