Today was their 5th anniversary!

. They saw each other on opposite ends of the corridor and instantly knew. It was love at first sight, the filmy and clichéd way!

You know how you read a good book and it speaks to you on a different level, or when you find a new flavor of ice cream that blows your mind and becomes your new favourite?

When they spoke for the first time, it was these feelings multiplied a thousand times.

In a nutshell, they were what you’d call the ‘perfect couple’. So if you had to celebrate the completion of 5 years of such togetherness, how well you’d celebrate!

So, they stood outside one of the most lavish restaurants in town for a quiet, candle-lit dinner.

She – I’m tired of waiting for the table. Let’s find a different restaurant!

He – No!

And just like that, the argument was settled.

She – Okay so while we wait, say something that proves your love!

He – I’ll be waiting!

She looked utterly confused.

She – You’ll be waiting for what? I’m not going anywhere!

He – Not you! I’m talking about this restaurant. It is my ultimate love and I don’t mind waiting for the table!

She looked at him in horror and started beating him as he laughed!

She – So, you love the restaurant more than me? Fine then!

He – This is the same restaurant I wanted to take you to on our first date. But its lavishness to be afforded by a teenager wasn’t possible, you see!

And he smiled her favourite smile. The same one she had first fallen for!

Author: Zainab Haji

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