Both sat beside each other!

To an outsider, they would’ve looked like an ordinary under-nourished teenage boy and a frail but beautiful girl! They sat next to each other; their hands extremely close but not touching.

They sat looking at the beautiful, starry night sky!

He looked at a particular star that shone brightly and then at her. Her eyes had a more brilliant twinkle than even the brightest star. She noticed him staring and smiled!

He – We’re soul mates!

She looked at him, curiously surprised.

She – How can you say that?

He – We love different music but both of us love to hear our music looking at the stars!

And almost simultaneously, out came two withered and almost broken stereos. After the turning of a few knobs, different kinds of music started playing from each. The music was poles apart but like the two of them, synchronized.

It sounded like a beautiful noise!

They lay down and gazed up at the sky with contented smiles on their faces when their fingers touched slightly!

When you have someone to share it with, even the dirty, smelly footpath seems like a mansion.

When you have someone to share it with, even the life of a slum-dweller seems worthwhile!

Author: Zainab Haji


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