Her dad had always been the ultimate source of inspiration for her!

He had been a father and mother, both to her. And so, the loss of her mom wasn’t that hard on her. He somehow had answers to every question she would ask and have solutions to every problem she had.

And unknowingly, he had raised the bar very high for any guy that she would be interested in. That’s what most fathers usually do!

He would often give her advice.

He – You’ll come across two kinds of men. The first will love you, the other will inspire you!

And he would get back to his usual cooking.

She had etched these words into her mind and so, years went by!

Today, she had to tell him.

She – Dad, I found them both in my husband.

And she smiled sadly as she spoke to the happy face in the frame. She took the garland off and replaced it with fresh flowers!

Tired by even this little physical activity, she took hold of her walking stick and slowly walked away. Going any faster would be a task for the 80 year old!

Author: Zainab Haji

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