After minutes of struggling with the bunch of keys, the door finally unlocked and she stepped inside.

Carelessly throwing her briefcase aside, she sank into the armchair and kicked off her heels. The day’s frustration washed over her and she felt more tired than she had in a long time.

But she knew her moments of rest were numbered.

With a sulking look plastered on her face, she got up and walked around the house, looking for him.

Finally, she found him. One look at him and all the tiredness of the day vanished within seconds.

She smiled.

After moments of slyly stalking him from afar, she walked up to him.

She – I love you.

Slightly taken aback from this sudden interruption, he smiled back, embarrassed. He spoke after running his hand through his hair in nervousness.

He – Why do you love me? I mean, why suddenly?

She – You liberate and bind me at the same time. And you do that without trying too hard.

The look on his face gave away his confusion but she didn’t care to elaborate.

She – Now tell me what is it that you’ve done?

He – Like an ideal husband, I tried to help while you were at work

She laughed as his voice trailed off and he looked down at his feet, mortified.

She – You need to add water to the rice if you want them to cook and omelets are generally made without eggshells in them!


Author: Zainab Haji

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