Husband and wife sat face to face. Their foreheads wrinkled in distress.

Tension was tangible in the air but what could she do? She had to talk to him.

She – So, I’ve heard a few things.

Wiping the beads of sweat off his forehead, he mumbled.

He – What have you heard?

She – I’ve heard that last week, when I had gone out of the country, a certain girl was spotted coming home late into the night and leaving the next morning.

He was now visibly nervous.

He – Nonsense. Who did you hear this from?

She – The watchman. You thought a few notes as bribe would keep him mum? Well, I’ve paid him more to speak up.

He – Wh..what? This is…non-sense. Don’t trust what you hear!

She smiled widely.

She – I don’t even trust what I see. I trust what I feel!

He looked more confused than ever.

He – And what do you feel right now?

She – I feel like having a pizza.

He (still confused) – But I hate pizzas.

She smiled even wider this time.

She – Exactly. Your bags are packed in the room and the divorce papers are signed and ready on the table.

Author: Zainab Haji


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