The newly wed bride thought life would always be this way – a fairytale!

On her first day of their marriage, she woke up to a gentle kiss and the smell of fresh tea, eggs, and toast beside her bed.

He – “Breakfast is ready, baby. Once, you’re done with that, a bubble bath is waiting for you and here are the clothes for work today, all ironed and ready.”

He looked lovingly at her and in that one moment, she knew her life was complete.

Was this for real? And how long would it last?

A few days passed by and she went to meet her father.

She knocked on his door and laughed. It was funny how after an entire lifetime of barging into this house, she had to knock now.

She hugged him  as soon as the door opened. Tears of joy and sadness rolled down their cheeks. After a few ‘hello’s and ‘how are you’s, they walked in together and started talking about their changed lives.

She – Dad, he treats me like a princess!

He – If he does that even after 10 years, I shall believe you!

The day turned into night as they spoke, cried and laughed together. Finally, she left for home after emotional goodbyes and promises to visit soon.

The entire way back she couldn’t help but think about what her father had said. Was it true? Was this really so short-lived? Only time would tell.

And so it did!

10 years had gone by. She came to visit him again with her 9 year old.

She – Dad, you were right. He doesn’t treat me like a princess anymore.

He treats me like a queen!

With tears in her eyes, a smile on her face and hand held by her daughter , she placed the flowers on the grave and walked away.

Author: Zainab Haji

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