She felt like she couldn’t handle the pressure anymore. Too much work, too short a deadline.

She was close to quitting. There was no alternative. At least that’s what she thought. But then she went to the one person who always had her back at times like these.

She – “Do you have some time? I want to talk.”

He – “Obviously I have time for you. Come on in!”

And so, she sat opposite to him and started venting. He quietly sat there with his arms on the table and a smile on his face. She went on for quite some time.

She – “It is becoming really difficult to cope.”

He – “But I know it’s nothing you can’t do.”

She – “Not this time! This situation is tough. I’m breaking down.”

He – “But, you’re tougher. I hope you realize that!”

She – “How do you always have this much faith in me?”

He – “Because I’ve seen you at your best and when you work your best, even I’m left in awe.”

She looked at him and wondered how someone could be this supportive and motivating. He looked at her and smiled.

He – “Come on now! Get back to work or as your boss, I will have to fire you.”

And he winked!


Author: Zainab Haji

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