She wasn’t too happy with the way the night had progressed but she was thankful.

For this one hadn’t gone down in flames like so many other blind dates had. Not yet at least!

And so, she sat fidgeting with her ‘lucky’ dress that she had strategically picked for the evening as he went on about his trip abroad.

Just as he started telling her the hilarious story of how his dog ate a bar of soap, the waiter placed their desserts on their table and cleared off the rest of the plates.

Gratefully, she started gorging on the cheesecake not-so-ladylike!

He sneakily smiled at her and for the first time in the whole evening, he wasn’t talking. But the moment lasted only a minute.

He – Why don’t you talk much?

She stopped eating and thought for a second before replying.

She – Because I know the power of my words. So, I use them wisely.

And just like that, he was satisfied with the answer and continued talking about his roommate’s snoring while she smiled to herself at the close save.

The girl, who was otherwise known as a chatterbox, had managed to stay quiet in the company of another chatterbox. She had seen many first dates not turning into seconds and she couldn’t risk this one!

Author: Zainab Haji


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