They sat in silence as each did their own thing!

The café they were in was noisy. The waiter calling out people’s orders, the child crying for the cake in the display, the cars honking on the street outside! Just the usual.

But it was as if they couldn’t hear the noises at all. They were bent over on their table which was littered by countless empty cups of coffee, balled up tissue papers and several other things. They were looking at something on the table with such concentration, not looking up or at each other and not talking at all.

Only their lips moved fast but silently as if in prayer.

When suddenly he looked up and spoke.

He – The ‘known’ is easy to deal with.

He spoke so abruptly that she startled and her pen flew out of her hand. She spoke a moment later.

She – It is the ‘unknown’ that tears you apart.

He – So what do you think?

She – This is too much. Only if we’d gotten the paper pattern or a question bank! Not knowing what will come in the paper is making me go crazy.

And she stood up in frustration, scattering their books. The exam was indeed a fever!

Author: Zainab Haji

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