She sat at the dinner table fidgeting with the pen in hand.


The fight had ended in the ugliest way possible and neither wanted to see the other’s face. She did not cook that night and he did not sleep that night.

Night turned into morning with a lousy sun that crept out slowly. The night had faded but her anger had not!

He stood at the doorway with his briefcase in hand, dressed and ready to go. But he waited. Maybe, maybe she would ask him for breakfast. But she didn’t budge.

He – You know what makes relationships fall apart?

Surprised by the sudden break of silence, she answered just like he knew she would.

She – Lack of trust?

He – I think it is anger. Anger travels faster than conscience! It’s too late before we regret.

And he had walked out.


She still sat there, staring at the form in front of her and fidgeting with the pen in hand. Maybe anger had consumed her a little too much. Maybe conscience was now going to hit her. Maybe the lipstick stain on his shirt a few weeks ago wasn’t a sign of his adultery. Maybe she shouldn’t have had him killed.

Still struggling, she saw the three options on the form – single, married, widowed.

Untidily, she ticked the third!

Author: Zainab Haji

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