Just when she thought she was over him, she found his sweater.

She was going through old clothes in her wardrobe; keeping some, throwing some, when her hands felt the softness of his sweater.

She froze for a few moments and then fell to floor, holding it close to her chest. Tears streamed down her face as she smelled it. It smelled exactly like him even after all these years.

She rushed to her bedroom, brought out her diary and began writing.

She – “My dear,

It’s been so many years since you’ve gone and yet I can’t seem to get over you. Your absence gives me nightmares even today and yet somehow I’ve been trying to function normally. To the world, I am a normal human being without any pain and a smile on her face but only I know how I’m dying inside. I had managed to conceal my pain but today, I found your sweater in my wardrobe. It still smells like you. I guess some losses can never be compensated. Even then, I will try moving on. I will try functioning normally. I will try looking happy. And if I can’t, I can pretend like always, right?

Rest in peace my darling.


Your unfortunate mother.

Author: Zainab Haji

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