She sat at the corner table in the café, quietly reading!

Her eyes moved swiftly from one line to another. The external noise and disturbances in the café not bothering her in the slightest!

When suddenly, he came and sat across from her on the same table. Others would have considered this interruption rude but she merely looked up and smiled.

He – That book is my favourite!

She – It’s becoming mine too.

They smiled, shook hands and exchanged names!

He – So, I see you’re sitting alone. Why would such a pretty face be sitting alone?

She – I welcome everyone, most of them look at the cover. But there are few who are willing to read the story inside. I befriend them!

And he looked at her in awe.

He – If the cover is so pretty, who wouldn’t want to know the story within? I know I would!

She merely smiled.

She – You wouldn’t! The first chapter itself would scare you.

He – I bet it wouldn’t. Try me!

She smiled wider.

She – I have HIV.

His smile fell!

Author: Zainab Haji

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