She sat smiling to herself in her cubicle. But the others were too familiar with her ‘silliness’ to give a second glance.

This was just any other day at work. Fingers moving noisily across keyboards, the constant ‘drip drip’ from the water cooler beside her desk, and the sound of heels on the floor!

Nothing unusual!

Even the goofy wide smile plastered on her face was as per usual!

But what was the reason for it today?

He stopped by her desk as he walked towards the water cooler. His routine!

He – What’s up? What’s with the silly grin?

Her eyes shifted focus as his voice broke her reverie.

She looked at him and smiled some more!

She – Love is in the air!

Excitedly, his eyes lit up!

He – Really?

She – My room is filled with this new book’s fragrance I just got!

In less than a fraction of a second, his smile fell and he looked at her with an expression of extreme disappointment.

You see, he had expected something juicier! Something about a boy or a lover.

So, disappointedly, he walked off towards the water cooler.

And the silly girl with the statue of Ganesha on her desk and her new book titled ‘The Holy Quran’ were not given another thought!

Author: Zainab Haji



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