He sat quietly on his desk at the back of the class. His notebooks and pencils scattered around.

The class teacher had left the class for a minute to talk to the principal. So naturally, the kids took this as an opportunity to talk, laugh and create a ruckus like usual.

All, except the shy kid at the back. Because that’s what the teachers called him in the staffroom.

He quietly sat writing untidily in his favourite notebook like always. Nobody knew what he wrote!

It was his own diary that he hid in his ‘secret’ place.

He went on scribbling as the students now made paper planes and threw them across the class.

“When you don’t find an ear to share your secret, run up to the roof and share it with those twinkling stars. Because they are the best secret keepers.”

This became his new addition to the diary. He smiled slyly and carefully closed the book.

Almost simultaneously, the bell rang and indicated the end of the school day.

Not unlike hooligans, the students packed their bags recklessly and ran out of the school building towards their parents and school buses.

All, except the shy kid at the back.

He packed his bag carefully and sneakily went up the stairs that led to the roof of an abandoned building.

The roof was more like a terrace without any boundary walls. Empty, except for the huge black water tank.

The boy smiled and walked behind the tank where crumbs of stale food and rags that served as blankets lay. A strong smell surrounded it but he didn’t seem to notice.

He made himself comfortable on the rags and carefully removed his diary from his bag. Smiling, he hid it next to the rotting body of the boy who bullied the shy kid at the back.

Author: Zainab Haji


  1. I try to find special ppl of my life in those stars with whom i cant talk either they are gone from this world or my life😑😑

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