He walked back home from work. The same dissatisfaction, the same monotony!

As he walked and counted the bricks in the pavement, he wondered, how much duller could life get?

And immediately, his thoughts went to the reports from the hospital that sat so innocently in his office drawer.

He didn’t have the courage to show them to her. She didn’t know he had taken the test in the first place.

But he had to know what was wrong and the reports weren’t subtle about it at all. His infertility and inability to have children gnawed him every day for the last two months ever since his reports were declared.

The condition didn’t get any better even when he finally reached home from work. But to his surprise, the floor was covered with rose petals and candles were lit in every corner of the cozy one-bedroom-hall.

And there she stood in her most favourite silk gown, glowing!

She walked towards him, slowly, smiling and spoke in a husky whisper.

She – What’s the loudest sound – a hearty laugh, inner voice or an echo?

His reply depicted his confusion at the situation.

He – Silence!

Her forehead creased but smoothened again as her eyes shadowed wrinkles when she smiled.

She – I’m pregnant!

It seemed she had a secret, too!

Author: Zainab Haji

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