It was a blind date. As he sat at the table waiting, she entered!

He looked at her and was enchanted by her beauty.

Her skin glowed, her long hair shined and her eyes were like the depths of the ocean! He was bewitched.

They started talking and the evening turned into night too soon. It was time to leave!

They went separate ways but as he watched her leave, a sudden aching filled his heart. He realized he was in love. They met almost every other day after that.

But then one day, she didn’t turn up. He waited the entire day, called her quite a few times but she didn’t answer. He wondered what was wrong.

She never answered his calls and never met him. It had been almost a year since he last saw her. He had finally stopped calling. But how could he not miss her today? Today was the day they had first met. Their anniversary!

He called her again, not keeping his hopes very high but to his surprise, she answered and finally agreed to meet him.

He had dressed his best and waited for her in the same restaurant. She entered just like that day a year ago. But this time, she wore a scarf that hid her face. Her beautiful eyes still managed to enchant him.

They spoke until night fell and all too soon, it was time to leave. But he had to know…

He – If I ask you to remove the mask you wear, would you do it?

She – Would you stay?

He – I don’t understand.

But she slowly removed the scarf. He went numb.

Her face was ruined by an acid attack. But her eyes still shone.

He – Is this the reason you stopped meeting me?

He watched a tear roll down her cheek.

He smiled and pulled out a tiny box from his pocket.

He – I had to ask you something but I don’t know what you’d say.

He opened the box to reveal a brilliant diamond ring.

He – Will you marry me?

Author: Zainab Haji

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