He looked at her and smiled. She was beautiful in the most surreal way.

They lay in her bed, tired but satisfied. Her head rested peacefully on his extended arm and she grazed his chest.

It was dreamlike peace!

After all this time and after all those women, he had found love and he realized he shouldn’t let her go.

Suddenly, he sat up straight and started searching for his pants.

Moments later, he found them lying in a corner.

Hurriedly, he went over, picked it up and began emptying them.

Keys, kerchiefs, a wallet and whatnot came out of them!

And finally, he got what he was looking for. A tiny square box!

He smiled and looked up at her.

She sat upright on the bed with a bewildered expression and her eyes questioned his sudden weirdness.

He – I have to tell you something.

He spoke as he sat back on the bed and took her hands in his.

She (skeptically) – Go on…

He – You’re not a fling or an affair for me!

She – Then?

He – You’re the reason I have stopped looking around.

She smiled her usual smile and like always, his heart skipped a beat.

He – And so, I’ve got to give you this.

And he opened the square box. There lay the most breathtakingly magnificent ring she had ever seen. The huge diamond that sat so proudly on it was stunningly cut.

She screamed excitedly and hugged him so tight, they fell over onto the bed!

He laughed and then put the ring on her finger.

The ring he had bought as the five-year wedding anniversary present for his wife, looked so much better on her!

Author: Zainab Haji

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