First day at the piano class, she hated to even step inside. She dragged her feet across the hall to the grand piano at the end of it.

“Why would mom sign me up for this class? I don’t want to learn.” She said.

“You don’t like the piano? Well, I think it’s grand.” He said, startling her.

And that’s how they met.

They would enter and exit class (link to dear teacher) together. He would play the piano and she would sit beside him turning the pages of the book for him. She suddenly started loving the class.

Three months went by and the class came to an end. They met every day even after and soon fell in love.

Walks in the park, piano concerts and dinners together – young love!

Years went by! Life went on and they grew up.

They got married and were as happy as they had first been in each other’s company. But apparently, reality isn’t a fairytale. They couldn’t earn a living by merely loving each other. And so, he got a job and got too busy to be home in time for dinner that she would cook so lovingly. This went on for quite some years. They started to fall apart. They would go out for dinners but they just seemed like two people who were eating together, not a couple who once loved each other so dearly.

This was one such dinner. They walked together into the restaurant (link to narration and he stopped abruptly. She didn’t notice until she had walked a little further away. She looked back and tried to see what he was seeing – a grand piano in the corner of the restaurant. She looked at him.

He – I still love to play the piano.

She – And I still love to turn the pages for you.

And suddenly they were teenagers again who first met at the piano class. Once again, the piano made them fall in love.


Author: Zainab Haji

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