She begged to be noticed by him.
Their relationship wasn’t always like this. He loved her more than he thought he could ever love anyone.
Then what happened?

His work finally got recognized and he turned into a successful man almost over-night! He threw himself in his work and it seemed like his office was his home. He hardly ever came home to her.

She would cook his favourite dishes, call him and ask when he’d be back.

He – I’ll be home in an hour or so.

And so, she’d wait for him to come back home. But he didn’t.

The food would go cold and she would doze off on the dinner table but he wouldn’t come nor would he call.

She hated living like this.

She definitely deserved better. She deserved to be noticed and appreciated.

A goodbye letter was written with blotched ink in certain places. It was neatly folded and put into an envelope along with her SIM card. The card was addressed to him and was put on top of the desk of his study. And so, she left.

She didn’t know where she would go or even how. But she still left with packed bags and unfolded clothes. She looked like a mess. But she didn’t care how the people in the train judged her. She didn’t cry. Why would she? It wasn’t her loss.

Hours later, she knocked on her friend’s door.

She – Could I please crash here for a few days?

Tousled hair, runny eyeliner and clothes falling out of the bags, she was welcomed no questions asked.

She spent the first few days staring outside the window, waiting for him to take her back home, all in vain.

But soon enough, reality hit her like a truck. She got out of her sweatpants and the comfort of the armchair which she had made home. She found a job and finally learned to live independently. She didn’t need anyone to support her either financially or emotionally. She finally achieved freedom.

Her life was going smoothly. Between office and the apartment she had now bought for herself, she would find time to catch up with friends. All was well.

Just like that, a year passed by without a word from him.

And then one day, as she walked into a café with a few friends, she saw him. There he was, standing in a suit looking impeccable as always. Their eyes met. She excused herself and walked towards him.

He – A year has changed you a lot.

She – A day changed me enough. The day you looked at me like I didn’t exist.

And she walked away, leaving him there as he realized what he had lost. She sat down at the table with her friends.

He (friend) – Who was that?

She – Nobody. Just somebody who gave birth to the new me!


Author: Zainab Haji

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