She had always loved to travel. To discover places she had never seen. To walk paths that had never been traveled by!

But she had loved one thing more than anything else – to climb the highest of mountains. She would look down in awe at how majestic the mountains were and how small her problems looked from up there.

Today, after years she had climbed one and hoisted a tiny pink flag up there. She sat down and smiled contentedly.

One particular memory was fresh in her mind today. Even though she had never stopped thinking about it all these years, today it was clearer than ever.

It was a few years ago when she had walked into college. It was her first day. Unlike the other freshers, she was confidently walking up to class when she was suddenly stopped by a bunch of rowdy-looking boys.

Half expecting something like this to happen, she looked at them boldly.

They looked at her from head to toe. Some whistled. Others merely looked disgusted!

One of the boys, who had made a specifically sickened face, spoke.

He – So tell us, what do you like to do as a hobby? Because we know we would like to have you as one!

And they all laughed at their silly joke.

However, she prettily smiled up at them and spoke with confidence.

She – I love to travel to the mountains because mountains make me realize how small my problems and I are!

They looked at her for a moment and then laughed louder than they ever had. At this point, most students had stopped to look at the commotion.

He – Are you listening to this, boys? She likes to travel to mountains.

And they all laughed and pointed.

Her smile fell and she looked down at herself. The prosthesis had never made her feel disabled. But then as she stood there with one leg made of steel, she felt truly handicapped.

Author: Zainab Haji

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