They lay in her bed, tired and satisfied.

She had her head placed on his chest and he grazed her back lazily. Neither spoke for a long time but the silence was welcome after the loud moans.

After a while, he got up and walked into the kitchen to get them both a glass of wine each.

He entered the room again after a while.

He – Where is the wine I had gifted you at our anniversary?

She smiled goofily.

She – It has been a year since we started dating.

He (laughing) – I know. I realized that when I bought you the necklace and the bottle of your favourite wine that day.

And suddenly her smile fell and she looked gravely at him. He looked puzzled.

He – What’s wrong?

She – I’m afraid.

He – Why? I’m not going to leave you ever if that’s what you’re scared about!

She – I don’t fear that you will leave me someday.

He – Then?

She – I’m afraid that you may come too close and see what a mess I am!

He smiled lovingly and hugged her.

He – Even if I do see, I’m not going to love you even a shred lesser than I already do!

And she smiled.

He – Now where’s that wine we’re talking about. Unless you’ve already had it yourself which is a pretty rude thing if you ask me!

Both laughed together and she pointed towards her wardrobe. He got up and opened it.

It felt like a waterfall, except instead of water, clothes fell over him. A huge pile of shirts, jackets, pants and other clothes cascaded over him. He was hardly visible.

With immense strength, he moved the clothes aside to reveal his face and looked at her in complete horror.

She smiled shyly.

She – I told you that you’d see what a mess I am!

Author: Zainab Haji

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