He was in a fix! Which ring should he gift her? No diamond seemed big enough!

The store manager looked adorably at him.

“How beautiful love is!” the manager thought.

Meanwhile, he seemed to like no ring that the manager presented. “Blue diamond, extremely rare, princess cut…” the manager would flaunt but he would just purse his lips and ask for a better one.

He – She is the most beautiful woman you’d ever lay your eyes on. But you know I love her messy hair more than her makeup, her morning breath more than the perfume she wears and her silence more than what she says. She is simply perfect.”

He talked animatedly!

The manager simply smiled and immediately knew which ring he would like. He presented the best ring in store to him.

His eyes lit up and he screamed “This is the one.”

The manager – If I may ask, what is the occasion?

He – It’s our 2 year anniversary.

The manager – But you and Ma’am have been married for 7 years. I remember you had bought your wedding rings from our store, Sir.

He – The ring is for my lover.

The Manager – The ring will look brilliant on the hand of your lover, your wife!

He (sadly) – If only both were the same woman!




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