The café was a noisy one around the corner of the busy crossroads.

One of the few tables that were lain outside on the pavement was occupied by them.

Their unending conversation halted for a few moments as the waitress refilled their cups of coffee. It promptly resumed when the busy waitress hurried back inside and maneuvered through the bustling café.

Post-work hours generally made people rush to the nearest café for their dose of coffee!

Their talk picked up again moments later and so did the weird snorts in his laughter and the loudness of hers!

Evening turned into night and the now-tired waitress took last orders.

The bill was paid as they continued laughing and talking and giggling.

She (blushing) – You know what?

He – What?

She – You’re the kind of man my friends warned me about. But you turned out to be the man I cry over in books.

He looked into her slightly blackish-brown eyes and smiled shyly.

“Who said good relationships couldn’t from meeting someone on a dating site?” he thought!

Author: Zainab Haji





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