She sat quietly and unlady-like picking the dirt that had collected under her fingernails.

The honking cars and dust that blew around weren’t a distraction at all.

Suddenly, a piece of crumpled paper came flying and hit her squarely on the forehead. Her dirt-picking stopped and she looked up to see the source of this interruption.

There he stood smiling wide. A little boy around the same age as her!

The hint of a smile crossed her face, too.

He walked over and sat next to her. Moments of silence passed!

Finally, he spoke.

He – Let’s escape to a spectacular place!

She looked up in excitement and replied.

She – The library?

He nodded with a brilliant sparkle in his eyes.

And just like that, the two orphans got off the footpath, took each other’s hand and walked towards the library.

There was a shortage of money and luxury in their lives not curiosity or the thirst to learn. Their ‘shelter’ consisted of a blanket at the side of the road but the books felt like home. They didn’t have a family but they had each other and the promise of one day, living under one roof and having at least 5 children of their own!


Author: Zainab Haji

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