Abruptly, she stopped walking. The sudden stop made him bump into her!

He – Ouch!

She didn’t say a word. Not even a sorry. She just stood there on the crowded crossroad and stared at something.

Now forgetting the unexpected hurdle, he tried to figure what she was looking at. But it wasn’t apparent!

He – What happened?

She seemed deep in thought. As if something was bothering her. And she spoke suddenly.

She – You know it’s really tricky!

He – What?

She – To choose between people who are good to you and good for you!

He looked at her with an expression of bewildered confusion. What was she talking about?

He – Am I missing something here?

Without another word, she fumbled with her bag and pulled out a silver coin. An expression of wild hunger spread across her face.

She mumbled something under her breath and flipped the coin with a kind of passion.

She caught it with surprising agility and slowly opened her palm. The coin lay innocently indicating ‘heads’.

An unusual smile lit up her face and again, she started walking and took a steep left at the crossroads.

Still bewildered, he rushed to follow.

A while later, they stood outside her favourite bakery.

The owner of the sweets-mart was so much nicer to her than the trainer at the gym on the right of the crossroads.

Author: Zainab Haji

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