She had always lived alone. Too ambitious to get married!

One wouldn’t call her the usual girl or the kind of lady the society would want a girl to be! She was messy. She would often wear baggy, creased clothes to work, hair in untidy knots and buns!

She lived alone in a small apartment that she called home. Rarely did she have visitors! Owing to this, she hardly ever cleaned. Cobwebs hung at the corners of the house, plates and vessels lay messy in the sink and clothes were lying around the house! It wasn’t a pleasant sight!

Her schedule was pretty much the same every day – wake up, leave for work, eat a sandwich or so for lunch and dinner late at night!

She would come back from work, exhausted and aching for a strong cup of coffee but she wouldn’t have the energy to get up to make one! In those moments she would feel lonely.

This went on till he came. His presence in the house made the difference that wasn’t thought possible. She would eat breakfast and carry a packed lunch. She would wear neat clothes to work and all this made her smile brighter than usual! She would even let her hair down sometimes.

This didn’t go unnoticed by the people at work.

He (friend) – What’s up with you these days? Are you in love or something?

She – After all these years, I feel love is when he makes my favourite coffee after a hectic day despite being tired himself.

And she smiled and got back to work!

After all, after the death of their parents, her brother was the only family she had and the only one who took care of her even today!

Author: Zainab Haji

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