She knocked on his door with the biggest smile ever!

In her happiness, she didn’t realize for how long she had to wait before he answered. But she didn’t mind!

When he finally opened the door, she jumped up and hugged him. Her excitement felt like a child’s who has recently been given a candy.

Left imbalanced but not too surprised, he smiled at her childishness and they walked back in together.

They made themselves comfortable in the living room and sat with cups of steaming tea in their hands!

He – So are you going to tell me what happened or what?

She – He left me at the crossroads but when I was about to move on from there, I met someone!

He – Who?

She – Freedom!

A look of bewildered confusion spread on his face, so funny that she was left in a fit of giggles.

To annoy him even more, she chose to not give him any further explanation.

She chose to not tell him how she was caught by the traffic policeman as she drove here. How she thought she had forgotten her license and was told to wait for the fine. And how she finally opened the dashboard and there it was…freedom, lying there innocently!

Author: Zainab Haji



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