She waited for him in the decided café donned in the black dress as promised.

The noisy children crying for the desserts in the display, the annoyingly loud honking cars in the street outside and the rush of the evening hour, none of it came close to the chaos in her head.

She fidgeted with her dress then the fork and knife laid out on the table. Anything to keep herself busy!

But every other second she would glance at the door that led to the entrance, waiting for somebody in a white shirt with little blue dots on it.

At least that’s what her blind date had promised to wear!

And her anxiousness increased with every passing second that he did not walk in.

In an attempt to divert her mind, she tried to think of something else.

She tried to think of all the dusks that turned into dawns and all the mornings that turned into nights talking to him over the internet.

She remembered one conversation in particular.

He – You’re one of the most badass girls I’ve spoken to. Heartbreaks don’t affect super girls like you. Then why do you still feel powerless?

She – I wish it would be just about a heartbreak. I would have mended it over time. I feel powerless because I gave him my heart but forgot to claim it back.

He – I think it will take just the right one to replace it with a newer, better heart!

How she had smiled at the wink emoji at the end of his text. How he knew just the way to make her smile.

And now as she sat waiting for him in the café, the idea of the dating app didn’t seem so bad.

Just that second, the door to the café opened and in walked a boy in a white shirt with little blue dots on it. The shirt seemed eerily familiar to her.

The boy who was responsible for breaking her heart a few months ago, stood at the entrance to the café and stared dumbfounded at his blind date in the black dress!

Author: Zainab Haji


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