She had the widest smile he had seen so far!

The entire classroom felt nauseatingly bright upon her entrance, she was that happy!

He (whistling) – Somebody had fun last night.

Surprisingly, she smiled even wider and started unpacking her things for the first lecture.

He – So, how was it?

She avoided his gaze but the smile stayed intact.

He – Come on, don’t be coy. Tell me how it was?

She looked at him and sighed contentedly.

She – It was the most romantic thing ever!

He whistled his silly whistle again.

He – I don’t want graphic details but what is it you did?

Her eyes became unfocused as she laughed goofily.

She – We laid in bed and talked for hours!

He – Talked? What? I thought you guys would’ve gone a little further than that!

She – Nah! We just talked and it was the most beautiful thing ever. I talked and he purred happily, as if he understood.

He – Purred?

She – Yeah! Shiba, my new dog!

His smile fell!

Author: Zainab Haji




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