They were on either ends of the bar with their own little group of friends when suddenly their eyes met and they smiled.

It was like love at first sight. As if the Gods above had wanted them to meet!

Is it true what they say, matches are made in heaven?

If it is, this one definitely was!

He walked over to her end. Hands were shaken, smiles were stolen and names were exchanged!

Both held the same drink in their hands – vodka mixed with coconut water. Instantly, they knew they were the one for the other. Endless talks began as two introverts started speaking.

He – So, tell me more about you.

She – I am not the summer sun; warm or calm!

He – I know you’re the windy rain; wild and free!

And she smiled. He looked at the smile in awe. He thought it was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen and he had seen some of the most breathtaking landscapes!

Who knew that the annoying insistence of their friends would lead them to meet their soul mates?

So it was evident that they were meant for each other. The only thing that was needed was for their eyes to meet from two ends of a bar.

And all of the above would be possible if only their eyes would have met!

They would have known the other was their life partner if only their eyes would have met!

Two souls would have become one only if their eyes would have met!

And their eyes would have met if only they would look up from their phones!

But they didn’t look up. Their fingers kept typing as their eyes were fixated on tiny screens.

Only if they would have looked up, they would have known the one they had been waiting for all their life was standing right across the bar.

But they didn’t look up. Their eyes didn’t meet!

Author: Zainab Haji

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